C is for Chickadee!

“I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.”  e e cummings


I just love drawing the birds that come to our windowsill feeder. I’m able to get terrific photos or this would be a total drawing fail, lol.   Don’t mind our weird windowsill feeder hub recycled from the scrap pile!    It keeps the bluejays out.

My first time drawing a chickadee, I wasn’t happy with the shape of the body.  You could tell it was a chickadee, because of his distinct markings, but I wasn’t happy with it.  Second time through, I used the red-violet Polychromos in my magic Handbook sketchbook….not sure why, but those pencils and that book are a dynamite combination for me.    Everything I draw in that book with the Polys look better than anything else.  It still needs a lot of improvement, but I’m more pleased with the result:


Hmm…a cat and two birds….starting to see a pattern here.   Sorry for the extra lines; I prefer not to erase, because it helps me gauge my progress.   I’m all about improvement, people!    I’m sure I’ll be drawing chickadees again, until I feel I’m coming closer to capturing them…

The other night, I attempted to draw my husband’s hand from a photo.


I didn’t have my eraser, and was drawing in bed, so I knew the first finger needed work….but I decided the next morning to leave the drawing as is.    I enjoy drawing more when I don’t erase, and I feel that this is training me to draw faster, from life, which is what I’m eventually aiming to do, in nature and elsewhere.    This is a Polychromos colored pencil in brown ochre:


Happy Sunday!  I can’t believe the Ravens beat the Steelers last night.  Guess we’ll be lighting up the purple candles in the windows for another week!

I'd love to hear from you! Constructive criticism is most appreciated. Thank you!

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