F is for Fox

When I came across this photo, I was blown away. What a gorgeous shot.


I found this image here, and there are tons of lovely images at this site:  http://sigurdurnordal.me/2015/01/05/red-fox-3/#comment-6551

I’m new to blogging, but I’m amazed at the beautiful images and artwork out there in cyberspace! I couldn’t wait to draw this as soon as I saw it.  But I waited…..until I was pressed for time.  Not a good decision.  And, I have to say, I found this magnificent animal very difficult to capture, even had I found myself with tons of time on my hands today.  Being new to drawing certainly made it more difficult, but I would love to see an experienced artist really do this photo justice, in any medium.    Again, I apologize for stray lines, as I do not erase when I am sketching.   This helps me better to gauge my progress, but it isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing.  For anyone interested, this was done with a Polychromos colored pencil in sanguine.

fox portrait image

Ok, I couldn’t resist giving this another quick try.  It still needs a lot of work, but at least it’s an improvement over the first one.   I think.


I may try this again a year from now and feel better about it, but for now, I stare into the eyes of this animal, and find myself in awe.  Once we open our eyes to the natural world outside our windows, we may discover that there is an endless variety of elements there to continually astound us.   For the letter G tomorrow, I’m hoping to get back to birds, so stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting me, and I hope you stop by again soon. Let’s inspire each other! We are artistic energy, and we are motoring!

4 thoughts on “F is for Fox

  1. Thank you so much! All of the artists in the blogging world are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your work. I hope to make progress with those quilts this weekend. If I do, I’ll be posting an update.


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