Quoth the Raven EVERmore!

Raven upways 01102015

I decided to break my alphabetic tradition to celebrate that the Ravens made it to the second round of the playoffs.  (Kickoff is in about an hour.)   My husband thought I was a bit kooky when I told him I can see the ghost of Ray Lewis in this one’s ^^ eye.  That slightly crazed, ‘I’m comin’ for you’ wildness?   Alright, maybe it’s just me.  Here again, I had some help from my Polychromos pencil in the blue violet hue.  Matches my Ravens jersey exactly!  I was impressed.

Found a wonderful image once again at Paint My Photo, and I’d like to thank another talented photographer by the name of Gary Jones for his splendid work:

raven(Ok, I can’t remember the last time I used the word ‘splendid’, but that photo deserves it, don’tcha think?  It needed something besides great or wonderful.  Look at the muscles on that bird!  Makes me wanna pinch his little cheekies.)

Here again, I could have spent an entire afternoon shading and layering, but early on I realized I had some pretty serious beak issues, so I didn’t really want to spend more than the 40-45 minutes this already took expanding it further.  If we beat the Patriots today (Patriots are favored by 7), I shall tackle it again, if you’ll pardon the pun!

I want to thank all my followers, and everyone who’s taken the time to encourage me in my quest to post something I make every day in 2015.  Honestly, I’d like to make this a forever habit.  That’s how good art is for my body and soul.  I hope I’m lighting a fire under some of you to take flight, kick the bars and cages holding you down, and really set your dreams on fire.  You never know where those flames will take you.

Flying off to enjoy the game.  I hope you’ll check back with me tomorrow, when I hope to have made some progress on my art quilts!  Until then…

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