I is for Icicle

As though we need a reminder, here is a little whisper from Old Man Winter:

cropped icicle

It’s been pretty bone-chilling in my part of the world recently, but the letter I was giving me a little trouble.  Hub suggested icicle, and it seemed like a grand idea, so I waved my magic wand over the keyboard, pointed my browser to Paint My Photo, entered icicle into the search box, and *poof* a whole list of icicle images appeared.   As if by magic!    Credit for today’s image goes to Stephani Henderson.   Isn’t it a beaut?

Now for my colored pencil drawing of a small part of this image:


Yeah, I know, right?   Not so great.   I should have taken the advice of some trusted artist friends (you know who you are) and gone with a grey colored pencil, or even a white one on a dark colored paper.  Would have turned out much better.   But I just had to try it with blue.   I’m stubborn that way sometimes.

Oh, well.  At least I learned something from the experience.   And that is what this journey is all about, for me.   So it’s all good.   Had a great time tonight at an open studio event for the local arts alliance.   It’s always fun listening to some great music and working at the same table with artists I look up to and respect.   Looking forward to more of the same next Sunday.

Just think:   January is almost halfway over, and then things are bound to warm up some.   Until then, we can appreciate some ice crystals, snowflakes, and focus on that beauty, and try to capture it in whatever media we enjoy.   It’s back to birds tomorrow, for the letter J.   I hope you’ll come back and see what I manage to concoct with the colored pencils then!

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