J is for Junco

junco drawing

Like some kind of confetti
shot from a cannon
the sky suddenly darker
against the sea of white
A burst of juncos
erupting from the tree
startled from their snacking
the cats bereft that their show
was turned to another channel
~Raymond A. Foss

I am having so much fun drawing birds this year! I had no idea I would be drawing so many birds in this alphabet challenge I’ve got going on. I do love them though, and always have. Growing up, we had an Audubon book that came with a spiral-bound booklet of thin (foldable) plastic records. If you were curious how a bird in the book sang, you could play the track.  (I’m dating myself, this was back when every home had a turntable!)  It was so cool. I was fascinated by that book.

Here again, I had some help from a delicious Polychromos colored pencil in Warm Grey VI, and my 3×5″ HandBook sketchbook.  (I wonder what it’d have looked like in Cool Grey now…)

I have always admired people who can turn what they see through a camera lens into artwork. Photographers here on WordPress (and elsewhere) are so gifted, and their blogs inspire and juice me daily.

Today’s shot comes from Rodney Campbell, whose very detailed shots I’ve had the pleasure of drawing already this year. I’m sure there will be more drawings of his photos to come, and he is very gracious to share them at Paint My Photo.  http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/photo/dark-eyed-junco-3:


For the letter K tomorrow, I’ll be taking a stab at a body part.  Of a human, not a bird this time.  This little sketch took 25 minutes.  I encourage all of you to celebrate our natural world, in any medium.  You’ll start to see the world in a completely different way: more like a child.  It’s a beautiful thing.

I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “J is for Junco

    1. Thank you. In October, I was trying to become a watercolorist, and the preliminary drawings took longer than the paintings. So I decided to back up and learn how to draw. After busy season is over at work, I’d like to get back to WC with more confident and faster drawings. PMP helps me to get the detail I’m trying to focus on to become better at drawing, but it’s my intention to produce original artwork, either from my own photos or using photos as references to make something completely new and different. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Thanks so much! It’s amazing how you improve when you draw every day. Never thought to make it a priority until I decided I need it for balance. Now, I’ll never go back. Thanks again for all your great comments, Cassie.


    1. I’m glad you found me, too. I’m so glad you approve of my junco drawing, since you love them so much. It’s nice to be able to inspire people. So many have inspired me, and continue to. I’m going to check out your blog also. Thanks again for following me.


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