M is for Mouth


I wanted to draw a mouth for the letter M, get back to the human form for a bit.   I couldn’t decide whose mouth to draw, just knew I wanted a famous one.  Then it hit me.  And her initials, both M’s too!   The challenge was finding a non-toothy smile.   (I’m not ready for teeth yet.)

Can you guess whose mouth this is?   Well, maybe if the drawing was better, you could.   I could get hooked on portraits if all of my subjects looked like her.  She was a knockout, and spending an hour on this drawing only made that more clear.   No flaws to be found!

Here is a link to the photo I used.  It’s a 3/4 shot, so it was a bit challenging:  http://www.thisismarilyn.com/artwork/signorinasirena-2009072391337-Tr_Picture_OF___-original.jpg

I’m actually thinking about revisiting this in a larger drawing, so if anyone can suggest any books on portraits, or something I should be paying closer attention to next time, I’d really appreciate it.

The whole time I was drawing, “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John was going through my head, and so I’m thinking I might put a candle underneath her chin in the portrait.    I think that’d be cool.

A burnt carmine Polychromos and my trusty 3×5″ Handbook sketch book helped me out this time, and believe it or not, this took over an hour.   Back to birdies tomorrow, and looking forward to it!   A fellow blogger graciously gave me permission to draw one of his photos.   I’m stoked.   I hope you’ll have a minute to stop by then.

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