O is for Oriole!

oriole 01172015

The letter O has meant Orioles baseball to me since I was about ten. I still shout “O” in the middle of the Star Spangled Banner. I just can’t help myself. It was bred into me. Is anyone else looking forward to the boys of summer being back on the field?

I used about a million Polychromos colored pencils (in an old Mead drawing pad I probably bought when I was 20) to make this picture in about 1.75 hours.  I had a big hand up once again from another one of Rodney Campbell’s incredibly crisp images, from Paint My Photo at this link:  http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/photo/baltimore-oriole-2

baltimore oriole 01172015

For the first time, I sketched a quick preliminary in graphite, which really helped out when I had to get the striping in.

I just have to say one more thing:  I love Buck Showalter.  He brought baseball back to Baltimore in a big way with his big heart, his commitment to the city, and most importantly, his belief in his “guys”.  In Buck We Trust!

11 thoughts on “O is for Oriole!

    1. Aww, thanks T! I’m so glad you like it! It took a very long time. I suddenly felt unplugged (trying to do too much after being sick in bed for two days), went to bed….and picked up an old sketchbook. It was either draw or sleep, so I spent extra time on it. Can’t wait for the O’s to start playing again. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Rachel. Praise from you means so much, as I so admire your work. I’d originally thought to put him on a bat, but size-wise, wound up going for the baseball….which took way longer to draw than I thought it would. 🙂 I can’t recommend Polychromos colored pencils highly enough. The drawings I do in pencil don’t come close. The Polys are the trick. They are amazing.


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