Q is for…well, lots of things


I’ve been under the weather for a few days.   Finally decided to watch a DVD I’d borrowed from the library by Jane LaFazio entitled “From Art Journaling to Art”.  I found this very inspiring and freeing.  I think I’ve been taking art too seriously, and it’s become more like work.   I do enjoy it, but it can be lots of fun and I think I’ve lost some of the fun lately.

So even though I had a subject planned for the letter Q and a reference photo all picked out, I decided to relax tonight and do some colored doodling instead in my 3×5″ sketchbook.  Why not?  I enjoyed myself and it only took me a half hour from conception to closing the book at the end.   As busy season starts to wind up, I’ve got a feeling I’ll be doing more of these.

The DVD is definitely worth checking out, as Jane uses only a few inexpensive supplies, including a student set of Prang watercolors, a Tombow brush marker (these are water soluble and delicious, with a fine tip on one end and a brush tip on the other), some colored pencils and a Niji water brush.   She uses a very fine Pitt artist pen in black, but you could just as easily use a fine Micron pen.

The idea is to mix water soluble media with permanent ink.    You could buy all of the supplies she suggests, including the little sketchbook she uses for about $30-$40.    I promise you’ll be inspired after watching her video, and maybe a little less put off by the blank page.   You may just decide to crack open that new journal or sketchbook and just give it a go.   I also picked up Jane’s DVD “Layered and Fused Appliqué Quilts”, which I’ll review here when I’ve had a chance to watch it, and I hope it gives me some ideas to help me finish my art quilts.

I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow to see what I’ve conjured up for the letter R.   I’m thinking something furry and cute, but we shall see.   I hope you go make something and enjoy the journey.   The whole thing is a journey.   It’s like Lamb Chop used to sing about: the song that never ends.   It doesn’t really matter when we get there or if we ever do.   The point is that we’re making the journey.    We’re outta neutral, we’re in drive, and we’re rolling.   We are art energy, and we are creators!

2 thoughts on “Q is for…well, lots of things

  1. Love it – be free – let it flow – do what makes you happy – that is where the joy is – for you – and for us! 🙂 I am feeling under the weather too – sick day for me today 😦 Maybe movie if I can stay awake. Coughing and sore throat not allowing me much rest. Wah Wah! lol!


  2. Thanks, Jodi. Must follow the joy, that’s a great point. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well either. There is so much stuff going around right now. I’m just glad my stomach’s not involved. That’d definitely be worse. I hope you’re better soon.


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