R is for Raccoon


The bug hasn’t finished with me yet, but I couldn’t resist trying once again to draw something furry….who can resist those little eyes?  Took me almost an hour just to do this bit of his face.  But it was fun.  One day, I’d love to paint one of these little guys in watercolor.  It’s the little things in life, people!   The whimsy, the mischief, the magic…just how I see my little part of the world.

We were visited every night by a raccoon for many moons.   He’d drift into the peanut feeder, which he figured out how to disassemble, and he’d eat all the peanuts and vanish.   Then just like that, we stopped seeing him.    Hub named him Rocky.  Original, right?   😀 Maybe we’ll see him again one day.   I love the critters.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna try again with another hairy critter who’s a little smaller than this guy.   I seem to be drawn to living things.   Not sure if still life will ever be my bag.

What I learned:

  1. White whiskers don’t always translate when the background is black.    Not sure why.   But they’re not showing up.
  2. I really love to draw animal eyes.
  3. Cold Grey VI is better than black for tonal variation.
  4. Maybe I wanna be a wildlife artist.

They’re calling for a few inches of snow tomorrow.   But I notice it’s staying light just a little longer at night now.   Won’t be long and we’ll be seeing those snow crocuses (or is it croci?).  I hope you’ll stop by for more furriness on the morrow.

20 thoughts on “R is for Raccoon

  1. Love this one! Try a handy electric eraser to pick out light hairs on a dark background. So much sharper than drawing around, and easier too!

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  2. Another option to try for the whiskers is a drafting template. It would be a little more effort with the curve of a whisker but you could erase while slowly adjusting the template position then coming back to fill back in around the whisker to shape it. But if you have a budget freeze, an improvised method of finding something similar to a template could be used to erase only the thin area of the whisker. 🙂

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        1. Wow, thank you so much. Compliments like this always blow me away. I have to say that I think a great part of credit is due to those Polychromos pencils. I don’t feel like my pencil sketches are nearly as good. Having good tools is so key! Thanks, Jodi, and I hope we are both feeling much better on the morrow! 😀

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