S is for Squirrel

squirrel drawing

Billy Brett, a friend of my daughter’s, took this amazing photo after handing a piece of bread to a squirrel, and I could not resist it.   Tell me, can you?  So much furry goodness in one photograph!

billys squirrel for 01212015

It proved to be a lot harder than I thought to draw, though.  I’ve probably tried it about 5-10 times.  I was starting to think I was only capable of producing The Squirrel from Mars, and so I’ll spare you all of the preliminary drawings and sketches.

I still see shades of the alien squirrel, lol, and lots of ways to improve it, but as hub would say, it may be beyond my pay grade at this point.  Might be fun to try it this time next year and see.   But it was so freaking cute, and Billy took such a great improv shot, that I had to post it.  I hope you enjoy it.  This time, I used a Strathmore art journal, 8 x 5.5″, and a nougat Polychromos (what a great name for a color).  This took about 2 hours (but since I’m still living in Virus-ville, it was all good).

I haven’t decided for sure what to draw for the letter T.  Might be back to the birdies for that one, or might try an inanimate (gasp) object.  I went to sleep last night with T words dancing in my head.

Go make something.  It’s amazing what happens when you do something every day.  Or even every week!   We are art energy, and we are rolling!

10 thoughts on “S is for Squirrel

      1. I’m not sure yet – just awoke (from the couch) when the phone rang (my Dad calls me every morning at 7:05 am 🙂 ) – my left eye is crusted. Probably sinus infection


  1. What a cute picture! I dig the way the outer toes stick out a bit and the ears go in different directions! Your drawing is super cute too. Quite fitting that you used nougat for a squirrel. It turns out grey squirrels are aliens in British Columbia (alien squirrels in BC). I had no idea. It seems some people don’t like them. J always thought there were too few of them (compared to Portland, Oregon). Hope you feel better soon :-).

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