T is for Tweety!

 tweety pic 01232015

I thought drawing a cartoon character would be sooo easy and fast and stress-free.  Except not!  I checked with my sister, the real artist in the family, and she told me they’re not nearly as easy as they seem like they should be.   Thank God, because this took me over two hours to do.  Seriously.  I love cartoon characters, but I don’t think I’ll be trying another one anytime really soon (although hub said Taz would have been a great choice for T, and man was he right!)

I drew this first in 3H pencil, erased everything I drew from the neck up numerous times, then when it was finally kinda close, went over it with Micron pen and broke out the trusty Polychromos to color him in.   And breathed a huge sigh of relief that I could walk away from the sketchbook.  🙂  For me, drawing an actual canary would be much easier!  I guess this is why we are all different.  We need cartoonists, we need quilters, we need painters, we need everyone.  That’s why for me, this exercise is so cool.  Alphabet = stretching beyond my comfort zone = finding out who I am as an artist.  Wow.  As an artist.  Ooh, still doesn’t feel like the word fits me, but I’m trying.

I have scoured the internet for something to draw for the letter U.  Finally settled on a singer for tomorrow’s drawing.  I’m finding I really enjoy drawing faces.  This is a guy who’s pretty easy on the eyes.  Let’s hope my rendition will be too, haha.  If it bombs, maybe I’ll just post his eye or something.  🙂

This was my first full day with no fever in a week!  I have packed my bags and left Virus-ville, and am finally starting to dig out from the backlog in the office.  I hope you enjoyed Tweety, and will drop in again tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “T is for Tweety!

  1. I agree, that cartoons are not easy. It’s hard to let go of what many of us do with sketching, the feathery lines, the idea of reality, and put out something into cartoon form. Mine often seem…lopsided.

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  2. You ROCKED it Laura! I saw the picture of Tweety, and I scrolled down searching for your drawing. I thought the drawing was the photo for your inspiration it is such perfection! Adorable! Though I do find it amazing that this was harder to do than say “R for Raccoon.” Seems it would be simpler than such life likeness, but I guess like you say, it depends on your strengths and takes all kinds of us out there. 🙂 Super sweet perfect tweety! So glad you are feeling better today – me too – like a ton – I have energy back and might venture out of the house today and shake out of the germs! Happy Friday and weekend!

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    1. Thank you so much, Jodi! I’m so glad you’ve bounced back out and got your energy back. It’s bouncing off the screen at me, I can totally feel it. I’m so glad you liked Tweety. He’s deceptively easy, lol, he reeled me right in. Stomp on those germs and beat feet, lady! Happy weekend!

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