U is for … Unrecognizable Male Face!


I had a very challenging time trying to find something for the letter U that gave me the urge to pick up a pencil.   After hours raking the Internet, I finally remembered a singer who’d make an interesting subject.  And tried to draw him.   And should really scrap this and start again.

But I liked the drawing.   You won’t be able to recognize him, but it took me an hour and a half to get it this far and I don’t wanna rush the do-over.   Maybe by the time I come back to the letter U next month, it’ll be ready.   And hopefully you’ll recognize him then.

Bonus points for anyone who guesses who he is.   Plus, my undying gratitude, and you can’t really put a price on that, can you?

I used the brown ochre Polychromos for this one, and I do like the color and wouldn’t change that when I try it again.   I’m finding I really enjoy portraits.   The whole human figure feels like a bit of a stretch, but I like faces, and would like to draw more of them, because if you think about it, there are so many people it would be fun to draw!

Looking forward to drawing a flower for tomorrow’s post.   Maybe we can conjure up an early spring!   I hope you are making something today.   ‘Twill feed your soul, I promise.  See you tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “U is for … Unrecognizable Male Face!

  1. Laura, WONDERFUL!!!! And I see someone I’ve seen before, but I am SO bad with names. See, this is what I love about portraits. Everybody is different, the possibilities are endless, and while you can develop better rendering skills you get practice on each thing…noses, eyes, hair, skin textures…every time you lift a pencil. You are inspiring me!!!! Vicky

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    1. I did too, for years and years. The key for me is no lines. Shade instead. I try to avoid lines wherever possible. And the Polychromos is great for that too. They are available open stock. I meant to tell you that before. You can buy one pencil and try it. Also if you order from dickblick.com, then you can always return for any reason within 30 days, even if you opened and used the product. Good luck!

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  2. Well, I know who it is…Keith Urban…but I did see a hint out there but it doesn’t matter. I think it really looks like him and had I not had the hint, and had I actually really knew Keith Urban’s face, I would have been able to guess it. Well done!

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    1. Haha thanks! It resembles the photo I used somewhat. But I think it just looks like a generically handsome guy, but not the guy I was drawing. I see so many things I’d have to erase and with the Polys, I think it’s probably best to start again. But thanks for your comment. 🙂


    1. Thank you for the compliment. I didn’t post the reference photo, but if you go to google images, you’ll see it at the top of the screen if you use Keith urban as the search term. I need to widen his lower face and the whole mouth is crooked. I can erase those Polychromos pencils but I feel like I’d have to erase enough that I probably need to scrap it. But even though it doesn’t really look like him…for some reason I just like this one and I’ll probably always keep it. I really would like to keep trying more portraits. I enjoy them.


    1. Thanks, Rachel. Wow, I’m glad you could tell it was him. Do you think knowing it had to be a U helped? I’ve been amazed by the people who guessed, because when I compare this to the photo I’m like…..nah. Just looks like a handsome guy, but a generically handsome one. Still, the fact that it looks human at all makes me feel good. 🙂


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