W is for Whiskers


It’s amazing how different whiskers look when you draw what you see vs making perfectly symmetrical ones.   I love to draw critters, furry ones and human ones alike.   Although I’m glad none of these are running around my house (this is where having a cat is a huge bonus).

I used Polychromos in warm grey IV plus the burnt ochre for this one in my itty bitty 3×5″ HandBook sketch book, seemed like the perfect size for a tiny subject.  It took about half hour after I scrapped the first one (because I went with the brown first, tried to layer the gray over it and it just didn’t work).

I’ve got some ideas for the letter X, but I’m not gonna lie, the end of the alphabet isn’t nearly as much fun as the beginning.    Saying that though, since I’m drawing things I may never have chosen to otherwise, it’s all good.   I hope you’ll stop by for more arty goodness tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “W is for Whiskers

    1. Thanks! I think so, yes….in a way, I don’t like the restriction, but in another way, it’s making me step out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing. I’m still trying to decide for sure, but I’m thinking I’ll probably start over again.


    1. Thank you! I found a good reference photo, which really helped, but didn’t know the photographer or a source from which to get permission, so I didn’t want to include it. The perspective is perfect to illustrate the whiskers though, and it was just what I was looking for.


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