Z is for Zipper

zipper for 01292015

X, Y and Z were tough, but I made it through the alphabet!  It wasn’t always pretty, but it was fun, and I’m drawing every day, which was the point.  I still feel like the alphabet is getting me out of my comfort zone, and since the goal is to grow and improve, I’m gonna rock it through (at least) one more time.

Thanks to everyone who is following me, encouraging and/or giving me great tips and pointers.  I learn so much from all of you, and your work inspires the heck outta me, which is great.

Enjoy the day, and maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Z is for Zipper

    1. Hi Victoria, thanks! I am going to experiment with more things I think, but I find a drawing turns out better if I feel some type of connection to it. Most things don’t give me that feeling of connection I get when looking at a flower or a bird, or even a fallen twig. Not sure why, but I think experimenting is cool, so I’ll definitely consider your suggestion. I’m glad you’re enjoying the alphabet so far.

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