A is for Abstract-ish

abstract 01302015

I don’t consider myself an abstract artist, and I’m not even sure this is considered abstract art, but I really enjoyed making it.

I love watercolor, but I’m finding the learning curve pretty steep.  In fact, watercolor is what drove me to drawing, because I found that it took longer to do the underdrawing for a flower than it did to paint it.  This was done with watercolor pencils.  I got a set of Derwent watercolor pencils for my anniversary last year (it was the only thing I wanted).  I fell in love with them right away, because they allowed me to have the control of a pencil with some of the feeling and effect of watercolor paint.

I learned a great technique from The Frugal Crafter’s YouTube videos, which is to touch the pencil tip with a wet brush, and paint using the pencils as your palette.  I experimented with the technique with tulips, which are pretty simple to draw, and found that I liked the look of the flowers better without the leaves.   I was painting at the local Open Studio one night with just a few pencils, and since I had a couple shades of blue, I decided to have them growing out of clouds.  (Maybe next time I’ll try adding the leaves, and I’ll just change them up a bit to make them a little less clunky.)

Now that I think about it, it would be cool to pick a few colors at random, take them and a watercolor sketchbook to a coffee shop, and just see what comes out.  I’d have never come up with this painting otherwise, and I like the clouds better than a flowerpot or a vase….or maybe it’s just my weird sense of what’s pretty.

Returning to the human form tomorrow, and I hope you’ll stop by then.  Go make something, and have fun!  Clouds like this only rain tulip petals.  🙂

8 thoughts on “A is for Abstract-ish

  1. Starting the alphabet over again? Go watercolors! I love them and hate them but I love them. There is nothing like them… But mostly just love them on your journey ….I do believe they respond to love. I’m looking forward to watching them bloom here.

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    1. Marika, that was such a sweet comment. Seriously, you should think about writing poetry! 😀 My busy season at my “real job” is now and the next couple of months, so I probably won’t be able to post much watercolor work at all (in fact, this one was done in early December), but I will try and maybe squeeze something in on weekends, even if it’s just watercolor pencil stuff. I do love it. I agree with you that there’s nothing else like it.


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