C is for Calla Lily (by request)

cropped poly calla 02012015cropped wc calla 02012015

Now that I’m on round two of drawing/painting the alphabet, I’ve been asking for requests from readers.  Serenstar of https://ofdreamsandtears.wordpress.com/ asked for a calla lily.  And what a breathtaking flower it is.   (My first attempt, in Polychromos colored pencils, on the left, watercolor pencil on the right.)

I feel that this is a flower that begs for watercolor.  I was disappointed with the WC pencil in the early stages, so I will probably scrap that one and try again … but I decided to post it anyway, because it looked much better after drying.

When I have time and I’ve learned a lot more about watercolor, I’m going to try this again with watercolor paint.  Oddly, I think it’d be easier than trying the watercolor pencils again.

Here again, I notice that I never have really seen something until I’ve tried to draw or paint it.  It’s almost like coming out of a dark cave to the light.  It’s amazing what you notice when you really look.

Anyway, Serenstar…..I’m not happy with this, but wanted to get this posted for you.  I found this flower totally captivating and I really wanna try and do it justice, so I will try again, and hopefully come up with something better the next time.

I am really enjoying this artistic journey, even on days like this, where I feel my painting and drawing fell short.  I hope my American friends and family have a great Super Bowl Sunday, and maybe I’ll see you again tomorrow, when I revisit the animal kingdom.

8 thoughts on “C is for Calla Lily (by request)

  1. I like what you’ve done. I relate to your copy: More often than not I’m unhappy with what I produce. But with every drawing I see what needs to change in the next. And so, onward. What letters are still open?

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