D is for Doe


If I had more time, I would really enjoy continuing this one.    There is so much shading and so many colors going on on her head, it would take quite some time to finish this up.    I’ve got 1.5 hours in it so far.   The left ear needs to be widened if I decide to make a detailed drawing out of this, which is why I sketched it in larger.   I hope you enjoy it.

What I’ve learned:   I love drawing animals, birds and people.   Absolutely love it.   I love seeing animals in the wild.   It’s just something that floors me every single time.   Drawing one, it almost feels like spending time in the woods, which I look forward to doing with my sketchbook once it warms up some.

Tomorrow, I’m coming back to the birdies.   Although this is no docile backyard bird!   I bet you can guess.     Have a great week.   Hope to see you again soon.

20 thoughts on “D is for Doe

    1. Hi Graham, thanks for your suggestion. I’ve actually joined one, in a sense through the local arts alliance. If it weren’t for those sessions, I’d have never even tried to draw a person or anything with fur. I thought I wasn’t good enough to tackle those subjects yet. So it’s been very helpful.


  1. Thank you. Art is a wonderful escape for me. I’m glad you’re finding that as well. And at the end, you have something to show for it (vs. reading, watching a film, etc.), which makes it even better. Hub has thought about taking up a paintbrush too, and I hope he does it. I’m finding that art is good for the soul.


    1. Thank you! I would actually like to turn this into a proper drawing when I have more time. Start over with a bigger piece of paper, you know? I really really fell in love with the subject while I was drawing it.


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