F is for Farm

farm 02042015

Living in a rural part of the world, I just love to see a red barn.   I prefer weathered wood to something newer, and a barn with flowers is even better.   Hence, today’s drawing.  I’ve not done a lot of landscape work, although I’d like to do more of it.  There are so many scenes in the area that would be a joy to sketch or paint.

What I learned:

  1. Trees in the distance are much harder to draw than photographs make them look.
  2. Weathered wood may be easier to watercolor than to draw with colored pencil (yes, even with Polychromos!)
  3. Um, I need to do many more of these before I’ll be happy with how they turn out.

I have to add too that having this blog is kinda like being a little kid and jumping up with a picture to show off.  When I release my little pictures out to all of you, I really enjoy seeing which ones you prefer.  So far, the ones I like most are the ones you all like best, too.  Anyway, it’s a kick, this blogging thing.  I start to understand why so many people do it.

Hope to see you back tomorrow with a bird that has special significance for me.  Happy Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “F is for Farm

  1. Trees are hard for me, whether in the distance or up close. I really like the black in the window panes. How do you get the feathery edges around the black? Was it two different pencils? I agree–it is kinda like showing a picture every day.

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    1. My black pencil wasn’t really sharp and that’s how I got the fuzziness against the white paper. I didn’t work at it at all….I was going for a crisper effect and rushed the drawing a bit. Trees are so hard, I agree. I am better at them when I’m making them out of my head than trying to draw what’s in front of me. Either way, not easy.


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