H is for Hummingbird (by request)

humming and petunia 02062015
The female, and two chicks,
each no bigger than my thumb,
in their pale-green dresses;
then they rose, tiny fireworks,
into the leaves
and hovered;
then they sat down,
each one with dainty, charcoal feet –
each one on a slender branch –
and looked at me.
~Mary Oliver


I’ve quoted only the beginning of the poem “Hummingbirds” by Mary Oliver.  You can find the rest of the poem here:  https://thepoetryplace.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/hummingbirds-by-mary-oliver/   It really should be appreciated in its full glory.  Mary Oliver is as amazing a poet as Margaret Atwood is a writer.  They could have a duel and they would both win.  Amazing women.

But I digress.  Jesse from https://jessevanwagner.wordpress.com/ requested a hummingbird, so I went to work!  I hope you enjoy, Jesse.

Our place is buzzing with hummingbirds from May through sometime in September. Hub loves them, and they love him too. Sometimes he holds the feeder in his hand and they come right up to almost buzz his nose before diving to one of the ports for nectar.  They are like sugar-crazed two year olds, diving at each other and jockeying for position around our feeders.  It’s like having little tiny jumbo jets all around you when you’re sitting on our deck in the summertime!  It was a joy to create this little drawing.

O is the next unclaimed letter….any takers?    I was thrilled with all of the K suggestions, and will be using them for this and future cycles; there were so many great ones.

Happy Friday, everyone!    The weekend’s almost here!    I’ve got something kinda neat (well, I think it’s neat!) to share with you tomorrow.  I hope I’ll see you then.

12 thoughts on “H is for Hummingbird (by request)

  1. How lovely… I enjoy hummingbirds… sometimes I get buzzed by the hummers when I am sitting out on my deck with a glass of wine in my hand… but so far none of them have taken a drink!

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    1. Thank you! You may wanna dump the nectar out daily or every other day and make new…..if it’s in the heat. Apparently it goes rancid. Hub figured this out, which is why he makes his own nectar and puts it in a gallon jug to save $. If you’d like his recipe, I can get it from him later tonight.


    1. Owls! Perfect! OK, I think the owl just beat the osprey. Maybe I’ll do the osprey next cycle. I’d like to expand the owl eye I did the first cycle (E is for Eyeball) … been wanting to ever since. Great suggestion, thanks!


  2. another nice job. I got a book at a used store this weekend and thought of you. Lee Hammond is the author and it’s called BIRDS. the series is “drawing in color” it’s on using colored pencil. I don’t work in that medium but I thought I could translate the techniques on drawing and shading to watercolor.

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