I is for Illustration

illustration 02072015
This was the result of one of those late-night drawing sessions: one of those nights when my eyes were burning, and I was so exhausted, but I just could not put the pencil down.  The photo is stranger than normal because I was trying not to include some of my side doodles in the frame.  Although some of them made it in anyhow, as you can see.

I’ve not been able to get this drawing out of my mind since, and it’s turned into a bit of a story inside my head. So now I’m thinking it would be fun to write and illustrate a children’s book. Not saying it would ever sell or be published, mind! But it might be fun to just do it. If not this one, then maybe illustrating someone else’s story would be neat.  I think it would be fun to collaborate with an author and try and make his/her vision come to life on the page.

I was talking to a friend recently about this, and she suggested making a story out of all the critters I’ve been drawing for my blog. I think that would be really cool. May not have time until after busy season to contemplate this more, but … it’s funny how after you draw an animal, even from a photo, you feel like you know them. Really know them.

The doe, for instance. And the eagle. The raccoon and the squirrel, too. They all feel real to me now, even though I’ve not seen any of them in real life. I guess whoever said that the eyes are the window to the soul wasn’t kidding. This is why drawing and painting is so neat. I like nature, I’ve always called myself a fan, but now I sit down with it, I draw it. I feel it. I kind of let it flow through me and onto the page. It’s soul-cleansing and luxurious, like taking a bath in sweet melted chocolate. Still can’t really believe I’m drawing things that actually look enough like the subject that people can tell!  What a long, strange trip it’s been….(thank you, Jerry Garcia).

Oh, I’ve rambled away again, haha. Anyway, if you stop by some day and feel like you fell into a children’s story…..it’s all good. Do not adjust your screen, lol!  Planning on drawing another critter for tomorrow, and I hope you’ll stop by and meet him.  Enjoy the weekend, kick up your heels, and I’ll see you on the morrow.

17 thoughts on “I is for Illustration

    1. Also I wanted to add that I do think they exercise different parts of the brain, and I like the way you mix your artwork with your writing at times. I was struck by your line on a recent picture that the snow looked like frosting on the trees. What a terrific line that was, and what a nice accompaniment to your sketch.

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  1. Stories are powerful and emotive (visual or written) – they aren’t just for kids either 🙂 I love your goals and ideas and love how you talk about getting to know the subject through painting… yes…yes…yes!

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  2. When my kids were little I loved to read them Shel Silverstein, my favorite was “the giving tree”. This illustration brought that book to mind. Go for it….you’ll continue to explore avenues, and who knows where they will take you.

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