K is for Koala

koala 02092015

When I found the photo that was the inspiration for this drawing, I knew it was the one. What a face! Come on, he’s even cuter than Keith Urban.  (Ok, maybe not.)

A few years ago, I joined an international book group on Goodreads.com, and one of our members lived in Australia. His avatar on Goodreads was a koala bear, and he’s just about as cute as they are too, inside and out.  Our mutual friend, Fiona, suggested a koala for the letter K, and I’m so glad she did.  I so enjoyed drawing this.  What I try to do to manage my time is to draw for about 45 minutes and stop.  I ‘ve been liking the look of these unfinished pieces, so I’m going to carry on, at least through busy season, with the same idea.

In an effort to not tip the cuteness meter tooooo high, I’m going to break with form and draw a lantern for tomorrow. It’s actually a family heirloom that goes back several generations. I’ll post a photo of it too, so you can see it in all its glory.  I hope you’ll join me then! Happy Monday.   The weekend will be here before we know it!

8 thoughts on “K is for Koala

  1. Great sketch. I am sorry to disappoint though about the nature of the Koala. The last thing they are is cute. In zoos and wildlife reserves visitors see them up close and sometimes get to cuddle them usually they are chosen when asleep or just awake.. In reality Koalas sleep for close to 22 hours a day. They are bad tempered, tending to scratch and urinate at will. At night the males wander around or sit in trees and grunt like a pen of wild pigs, (this is in their short awake time) In the mating season the noise doubles and they seem to stay awake longer. Trying to sleep in a tent below a wakened male koala is not a goof experience. And they are not very bright either, (like Keith Urban). Can I suggest Kangaroo for K next time around and I can add some commentary on the real nature of the Kangaroo!!


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