L is for Lantern

lantern photo 02102015

This belonged to my great-grandfather, who used to work in Baltimore for the B&O Railroad.  It dates back to the late 1800s. Pretty cool, huh?

lantern crop 02102015

I did this in graphite, as you can see.  I see lots of artists here and elsewhere who can make glass look effortless to do, but it isn’t.  At least not for me.  I tend to shy away from even trying it, although maybe I should think of it the same way I think of animal eyes?  Maybe that would make it easier to approach.  Anyway, I thought it might be fun to draw a thing that I have a special connection to. I wanted that soul connection I get from living things to flow into the picture here.  Which didn’t really happen, but my heart was in the right place, lol!

Feed your soul today, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Do what makes you happy.  Life is short.  Time to grab the goodies!  See you tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “L is for Lantern

  1. Very cool.
    I like your rendering. Did you scan the drawing or photo it? You might be able to get more contrast between the lines and the ground by adjusting it in photoshop or a similar photo fixing program. I adjust the contrast in my photos/scans all the time to make them clearer.

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  2. Nice words that went along with the lantern drawing. Glass.. I love painting glass with all those colorful reflexions and cast shadows. Instead of thinking about drawing glass, Just shade in what you see and respect the whites. Think of it as shape and tone and it will come out fine, just like the eyes you drew.

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  3. When you start try and put down a light vertical guideline – in this case in the middle and you wont drift. It can also be used to ensure symmetry – which you have done pretty well. I find my verticals drift, due to the natural arc of my drawing arm and I start going perpendicular to lines of perspective. Guide lines can also relate one part to another. At the end you can rub them out, but you see many drawings with them left in.

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