B is for … ?

Can you guess?

bill murray 02262015

A few hints: The photo reference was taken from a 1991 film. The actor is still alive, but he’s wishing he still looked this young. πŸ™‚ Both the actor and his character share the B initial.Β  He was crouching a bit in the reference image, which is why the angle of his body is a bit stooped.

I’m planning to do portraits for most of this alphabet cycle.Β  I’m hoping you all will enjoy guessing the subject.Β  I hope this will get easier for you as I progress.Β  (We can only hope!)

I’ll be back with another actor tomorrow, this time, a British one.Β  Looking forward to seeing you then.

19 thoughts on “B is for … ?

  1. I don’t know whether I would have recognised him… I was looking on my phone and the file name showed me who it was! I’ve only seen him in two things though so he’s probably have struck me as familiar, but I may not have put a name to him.

    However, it is a very good likeness and you really get his expression and emotion.

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