Flowery Fun in Fuchsia

I wanted to try some simple negative painting of an early spring flower and found a terrific photo reference here that wowed me.  So I set to work.  Wound up with two paintings:  one before the Inktense pencils arrived and one after.   (Yes, Dick Crack, I mean Dick Blick strikes again!)

As you can see, the Inktense version is … well, more intense than the one painted with traditional watercolor pencils (also made by Derwent in UK).

snowdrops inktense 03022015

In this traditional watercolor pencil version of the painting, it took 3-4 layers to even get close to the same level of intensity I got from just one layer of Inktense.  This is due to the fact that the Inktense pencils are ink in pencil form.  They are also apparently permanent once they are fully dry, and so you can layer on top of them without disturbing the layer(s) underneath.  Not such a common thing in water soluble pigments!

snowdrops derwent trad wc pencils 03022015

Which one do you like better?  I think the next time I try this, I’ll make the flower shape much more simplified, which will allow me to be more consistent with the surrounding wash.  I had to be much too fiddly with this in order to preserve the white of the many flower and leaf shapes.

Back to portraits tomorrow with an American actress this time, and looking forward to it!  See you then.

22 thoughts on “Flowery Fun in Fuchsia

    1. Thanks, Carol! They turned out a bit differently than I thought but that often happens (for me anyway) with watercolor. I can’t decide which I like best. I’m glad you like them both!


  1. I used to work at Dick Blick (did so twice actually) and I have LOADS of art supply that I purchased because of that magic employee discount. One item was the Inktense and I LOVE them. I love what you have done with them here! I still have to get more familiar with the magic that they can make.

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      1. Oh you wouldn’t be bankrupt you would just have to have another job because your paycheck would go right back to them. Honestly though, working there makes you more “learned” on products which as a result makes you more selective in what you buy. Once you have been made to do the research for these things in order to be a good sales person, you develop a more refined taste. At least that was my experience. I found myself not just buying everything in sight, but really considering what I was buying, what was best, and if the price was high, waiting until I had saved the funds to invest in that particular product. Now working at a bookstore…I had no self control and literally spent around $600 in two months and I was only working 10hrs a week so I definitely was paying them to work there. Needless to say, I had to quit because I was out of control lol

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        1. OMG I used to work at a record store (when CDs first came out, dating myself) that was right next to a book store! It was hell, lol! It’s cool though re: your Blick experience. I bet you’re fun to go supply shopping with! 😀

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