I is for … ?

I is 03092015

If you’re under 30, this one might be tougher to guess.   This is a character from an ’80s sitcom.   The character’s last name starts with I.   Hope you enjoy it!    I freehanded this one, hoping I could speed it along, but alas, it still took an hour and 40 mins.

We had a tough weekend; our furnace is about to go toes up.   Luckily, spring is on its way *crossing fingers*, so hopefully we can manage with the wood stove, etc. til we figure out what to replace it with.   Anyway, the portraits started calling my name, and even though I was almost falling asleep toward the end, I managed to stay awake and finish.  Go, me!

Monday is here, but Lady Spring is near.   Looking forward to some snow crocus (hopefully) this week!   This is your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Free your inner artist this week.  At least unlock the cage and let the poor thing run around a bit!  See ya on the morrow.

41 thoughts on “I is for … ?

  1. That is such an AMAZING sketch Laura, and it is driving me C R A Z Y that I can’t figure out who it is. I think I am getting dementia! He looks soooo familiar – and I swear I watched every sitcom in the 80s. O M G – I looked at it before and after coffee and am getting MAD! LOL! Oh boy – I have a feeling you are going to make me wait and wait to know, and I have to get to work, but it is going to be bugging me! Happy Spring Ahead Monday!

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    1. LOL, don’t worry Jodi, it’s not you. No one has guessed this one yet! He has such a strange face. Maybe I just didn’t get close enough to it. I really see it in his eyes, but I had a hard time with his mouth, and so maybe that’s the problem. And it’s been over 20 years since the show has been on TV. I’m not even sure they’re still showing reruns of it! Hub and I love it, but maybe that’s just us. I don’t know. But don’t worry, you’re not dementing yet LOL

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  2. I think I know who it is…the guy from Taxi? I can’t remember his name…I’m going to look it up real quick. Nope not him but I found who I was thinking of but it’s not a match…unless it’s his character name. I’m just going to guess Christopher Lloyd? man, what a great job on the portrait though! Your skills are just amazing, L!!

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  3. It’s Christopher Llyod! It’s agood likeness, I saw it right away. I remember him best from when he was on Taxi. Anyone who hasn”t seen him on that should looki it up on You Tube. He’s best know for being the eccentric inventor in Back to the Future!

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  4. Wow, you really keep getting better and better!!! This is absolutely amazing!!! So good! Unfortunately I was not allowed to watch TV in the 80´s (cruel parents 😉). This guy looks very familiar, but I can´t think of a name. Man, I´m curious!

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      1. Yes!!! Never saw “Back to the Future” (I know, it´s a shame), and I didn´t know the guys name, but now you say it I know who you´re talking about! I think you really got him in your portrait, seriously!

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  5. Awesome portrait. I though he looked a bit like Christopher Lloyd but the only thing I’ve ever seen him in was Back to the Future and he didn’t look quite the same so I wasn’t sure. I think I still would have gotten it except that you threw me off with the 80’s sit com hint and the “I…” name.

    I never even knew he was in an 80’s sit com. Then again I’m a late 80’s baby so it would have been before my time.

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  6. You’re improving every drawing. And I guessed the guy from Taxi too. My favorite line of his (calling from outside his father’s house: A-a-alex. What are you dooooing?

    It’s making me laugh remembering that funny character.

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  7. I recognized the actor right away! I totally couldn’t remember his character’s name until I looked it up on imdb. I remember watching the show only a little, ittle bit. Give him wilder hair and I’ll put him into a name that starts with a B instead. That work? 😛 Then we’ll send him back in a very expensive car.

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