J is for … ?

J is for 03

I used to dream of being able to play the guitar the way this man can.  Oh my goodness.  He is amazing.  It’s been many years since I’ve picked up a guitar, but I know that when I do, the dream will resurface.  And it will continue to remain a dream.  🙂

I’ve always loved his music though.  I believe my reference image was fairly recent, but this guy started recording music in the late 60s (although he didn’t become well-known until the ’70s).   Still a handsome man, though, wouldn’t you say?

As for the drawing, I am not at all happy with his mouth, but half of his face in the reference image is in deep shadow.  I didn’t shade his face as darkly as it was in the photo, because I didn’t think it’d be as pleasing in the drawing (although the photo was amazing).  So, I’m not thrilled with this one, but I’m glad I drew it, and I’m glad I continue to draw faces, even though I never know how one will turn out.  I try to go into it with a “Here goes nothing” mentality, so that way, I’m never really going to be disappointed.  Seems to be working out so far.

Thanks to all of you for guessing and giving so much positive feedback about my artwork; I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you.  Signing off for now.

34 thoughts on “J is for … ?

  1. Another awesome drawing, Laura, but I’m not sure I know this one. His eyes have great intensity. Eyes really reveal a lot – eh? His are staring right at me saying, “C’mon Jodi – you know who I am!” I’m going to guess John 🙂

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    1. Haha, thanks T! I think musicians are harder, because unless you’re really into their music, you may not know their face at all. We do have one correct guess though (from someone who probably appreciates his music even more than I do). But I will say this: if you heard his name, you’d recognize it right away. You still may not know his face tho lol.


  2. I like the portrait. I’m really curious to find out who it is because I have absolutely no idea. I’m pretty bad with musicians though. There are probably only about a handful of them I would recognise.

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  3. You nailed his eyes! Even if that is all you drew I would be able to tell it was James Taylor. Well done. You have a real gift. I can only draw stick people. Ha

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  4. This portrait really has the feel of James Taylor, even if my guess is wrong. The eyes and the mouth are quintessentially his. You play the guitar? Don’t do as I did, laying it down for 28 years. I’ve been back at it for a decade and it refreshes me in the most profound way. I’m glad you’re pursuing your art with diligence. The work is very nice.

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Yes, I started taking lessons not long after my daughter started in her early teens. I do enjoy it, and I should start again. I need to start yoga again first though. Yoga and art are primo for me. It is James Taylor, and thanks again for your wisdom.


                1. Whatever you say lol. I struggled with it. It was much harder with a pick, though. Who knows, maybe it’ll be easier now. Maybe the gluten free me is a better artist and musician, too? I shall try again, and find out!


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