Try to Curb Your Enthusiasm

This is what happens when the portrait from the day before bombed, and at the end of a long day, you just wanna chill.

not really a sunset

Remember, I warned you not to be too enthused 🙂  Later that night, with some Tombow markers (the “bright” set, I really do love these.   Brush tip on one end, fine tip on the other.  Also, they’re water-soluble, if you’re looking for that.)

doodle  crop 031215

Yup, really just doodling.  It was fun, though.

doodle crop 3 031215

But wait!  There’s more!  I promise, no drinking was involved.  More like sleep deprivation, I guess.  For some reason, I’ve been thinking about owls lately.  Who knows?

doodle owl crop 031215

I almost didn’t add this, but oh well, there’s a tree behind there somewhere.

doodle tree 031215

And I really DO love Tombow pens.  🙂

Friday’s almost here, and Lady Spring is tapping on my windowpane.   The Boys of Summer are warming up, and God’s in his heaven.   Do we need any more reasons to twist and shout?    Nope.   Hasta mañana!

33 thoughts on “Try to Curb Your Enthusiasm

  1. Nice watercolor. Could be a good base for a collage.
    I’ve been thinking of trying some things with markers. I’ve got a lot from when I used them for knit graphs, but they may be dried up, I’ll have to look.

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    1. Thank you. Same here! You would post didn’t come up in my feed this morning, and I have no clue why, as I was still following you (WP hadn’t disconnected me, which has happened before.) Anyway I went and found you. What’s up with WordPress? I’m glad you enjoyed my goofiness today. I feel like that owl lol.


      1. Hmmm! Not sure? I know I just went through my feed this morning as I’m walking and found many that I didn’t see yesterday but I was busy at work so not sure if it was me or WP. But thanks for seeking us out. Have a good day and don’t work too hardl

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  2. Looks like you succeeded in bringing in some sunshine! I enjoyed seeing your playful doodles and ability to relax and have fun! I keep a daily art journal that I draw in and doodle. I think that doodling is a great stress reliever. Have you ever tried Zentangling?

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      1. Hi Laura, I like to Zentangle but I am not a purest. I don’t like to follow a lot of rules as for me this stifles my creativity. I prefer to make up my own patterns and just doodle. However, I will look to others Zentangle patterns for ideas and use the shading to add dimension.

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  3. Haha why wasn’t drinking involved? Love that you posted every piece. I go through 5 sheets of paper sometimes and don’t end up keeping one… Np but it was fun. I really do like your little whoooo though 🙂

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    1. Wow, thanks! I work in a left-brained world, where things are either right or they’re wrong. I’m loving the flexibility art gives to turn something you thought was wrong into something great, but I’m still feeling my way. Thanks for the comment; it really gives me something to think about.


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