Call this a Collage?

Hmm….OK, not sure what to call this. The definition of “collage” includes the phrase “work of art”, and I’ve seen soooo many gorgeous actual collages on blogs of my friends here on WordPress.  Not sure this falls into that category, or even close, but … as I always say, here goes nothing.


I’m kind of enjoying these late-night creativity bouts.   What’s even more fun is starting with no preconceived plan or idea and just…watching what emerges.  And then, because I’m me, trying to analyze it at the end to see where in the world I was going with it, lol.   I enjoyed using lots of different mediums, including Inktense watercolor pencils, Polychromos colored pencils, Micron and Pitt permanent art pens, good ol’ Mod Podge, and of course my goony imagination.

It was fun, though, I quite enjoyed it, and so I’ll be doing more of this kind of free-wheeling, wacky creative inventing for the next several weeks while the storm that is busy season gets cranking.  I can’t think of any better way for me to release the stress of the day, and turn it into something….if not beautiful, then at least cool and fun to look at.    I hope you enjoy it.  Have a beautiful spring weekend!  *cue the dance*

27 thoughts on “Call this a Collage?

  1. OMG – I LOVE it! I, too, always try to figure out what it makes me think or what the artist was thinking (like our buddy, Jo), but I am learning to just go with it, enjoy it for what it is, and not worry so much about what it means. Let’s just have fun… and DANCE! πŸ™‚ Happy Weekend Laura!

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      1. Thank YOU. Once I did. When you have a moment go into my archives. You have to scroll down and click on the ” +” symbol at the bottom of the page). You’ll see a calendar there. Check out February 1st’s record.

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  2. I tell my Art Prescription groups it really is all about the process!! The enjoyment of being spontaneous and responding to what is happening on the paper. This is a great example of that freedom!! Cheers, Beverly

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