I Dare You Not to Laugh


I hope you laugh looking at this as much as I did while making it.  I took advice from a blogger friend who suggested I turn my last watercolor painting into the base for a collage.  Terrific suggestion, so I took my scissors and Mod Podge and had a great time putting this together from ads and catalogs in the recycle bin.

I encourage everyone to try this; it is so much fun, and all you need is scissors, glue and stuff that you’re tossing anyway.  Why not grab a friend and a bunch of old magazines and laugh and have fun with art this weekend?   Be like a kid again.   We could all use some more joy, right?

I hope you enjoy my crazy collage, and the beautiful springish weather this weekend too!

27 thoughts on “I Dare You Not to Laugh

  1. Great idea – I frequently overlay scribbles while drawing from the tv etc (or could try the computer) – be possible to incorporate this with collage and wash…..

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    1. I wanna mention too that the best part is it was all totally unplanned. In my life, I’m such a planner. This really allowed me to let loose and see what develops, another lesson from art I could really take into my life!


      1. Yes! I love abstract work for this. I think there is as much skill in helping the image emerge in abstract, intuitive work as there is in illustrations that are planned. There is a balance between the two. I.like watching you explore the balance. Just an observation but it seems like your sense of humor emerges in the looser work. Like the doodles…too.

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        1. Lol that’s a great point, and I’m so glad you shared it, as I have so much to learn about all of this! I think that’s part of why I love it so much, though. I really appreciate your comments; they’re very helpful as I try and move forward as fast as I can to make up for lost time! Thanks, Marika.

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  2. So creative and funny. I think you should consider a greeting or notecard sideline, in your spare time. Ha! I’d buy them! Fun to send and receive. I’m learning so much from you. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€

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    1. I’ve thought about making greeting cards in the past, and I think I’d really enjoy it! Thanks, that’s a great idea. I’d like to write verses also. Hehe, it’d be a kick! Thanks again for your kind comment, Jean!


  3. Collages like this are a great way to get the juices flowing. I used to co-run a mixed media group and we would periodically have 7 day one magazine challenges, and you posted the challenges you made from one magazine. Some of them were SO cool!

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