An Abstract Experiment


I thought it might be fun to combine acrylic and watercolor paint, so I grabbed a few colors I enjoy, and just decided to play and have fun. I was happy with the result, but a few more catalogs came in the mail today, and they once again proved to be excellent collage fodder! So here I go again with another collage to share. Didn’t some of you warn me this was addictive?  I even added a few touches of Lumiere (metallic acrylic) paint at the end, in Emerald Green.  I really enjoyed this one.

Hub and I finally caught up and watched the Christmas episode of the last series of Downton last night, and this kept me busy through that and a couple episodes of Forensic Files besides. So, about three hours. It was loads of fun, though, and I highly recommend this to anyone looking to unwind at the end of the day. Put that recycle bin to good use!

I also want to thank all of you who inspire me with your beautiful works of art, and encourage me to try new things all of the time.  This is such a kick, and I’ve never enjoyed busy season so much as I have this year!  Art is helping work go more smoothly, and maybe even vice versa.  It’s an amazing thing, this art journey.  It’s a life journey, truly.   The waters run really deep.   It’s a cool feeling.  If I have time, I’ll try and crank out a portrait or two tomorrow for the workweek.  See you then.  Enjoy your Sunday!

WC colors:  Cobalt blue, azo yellow, veridian, turquoise, phthalo blue

25 thoughts on “An Abstract Experiment

  1. Oh Laura – another beauty! I really like this one. What are you doing with all of your works of art? How large is this? Will you frame it and hang it? Keep up the great work! Enjoy your Sunday.

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        1. You know what would be cool? Is talking to someone for ten minutes, someone you don’t know, and based on the vibes you pick up from them…..putting together a collage/painting like this for them. I think that would be cool.


    1. I’ll never look at junk mail the same again! Another terrific bonus of this journey. I look at everything differently, even ‘trash’! Art has totally changed everything for me. I’m in love, completely. Thanks for inspiring me with your beautiful collages!

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