Teachers, Art and Things That Last Forever

What a beautiful post. How many teachers change lives every day, sometimes without knowing? I still remember my favorites.

The Secret Kingdom


When I was a child I would spend hours quietly playing by myself. Endlessly entertained by my wild imagination – I would stay up all night long drawing pictures. I was weird and solitary. My best friend was a dog.

School was difficult for intense, introverted kids like me.

It is so easy to become lost..

Sometimes, forever.

I don’t remember much from those days.. after all, that was over 40 years ago.

But I remember Mrs. Kelly – my elementary school art teacher.

Mrs. Kelly would sit next to me and quietly marvel over the drawings I made. Afterwards, she would put them in the glass display case in the hall outside her class – for all the world to see.

Now, volunteering to teach art to a group of inner city kids – I find myself drawn to the introverts. The quiet kids sitting alone.. trying to disappear into the…

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2 thoughts on “Teachers, Art and Things That Last Forever

  1. oh yes, I definitely remember the important teachers in my life. they were amazing, including the 8th grade art teacher who let me stay indoors and eat lunch in the classroom and paint in acrylics instead of going out for recess. it was the only thing that got me through moving to a new school at that age.

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