Jade, Juniper and … Jasper


I’ve been playing with more shades of green, which was lots of fun. I started out with Derwent watercolor pencils (the non-Inktense line), and it was just too sleepy and blah for me, so I kicked it up with Mallard Green Inktense. Still wasn’t enough, so I added splashes of emerald green and halo blue Lumiere metallic acrylic, softened off to avoid any obvious edges, for a little pop.  It has a very subtle shimmer, which I like in this one.  Because I had some leftover in my palette, I even added a little watercolor paint at the end.  I wish I could remember the color.  It was a greenish blue.

I painted nearly the whole thing while eating dinner, so Jasper isn’t as pristine and white as he’d prefer, but he’s still the star of the show, I think, even with a few smudges.

The fabric at the bottom wasn’t altered by me at all; it was already beautiful.   It’s a gorgeous batik fabric, and I’m so glad that I bought extra when bordering a quilt with it, as it amazes me every time I look at it. There are so many different greens and blues, all harmonious to the eye.  All I did was cut one side with pinking shears to give a watery look underneath the bird, then glued it to the paper.

I’ve no clue what to do for the letter K, but that’s part of the fun of trying to stick to the alphabet.  Something always happens that was totally unplanned, and usually winds up adding to the fun.  May the Force be with me.  And you!  I hope you stretch your creative muscles today, in whatever way makes you feel the best.

I want to thank all of you for visiting me, and for your lovely comments.  You’ve made my day countless times, and I really appreciate it.  See you tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Jade, Juniper and … Jasper

  1. Beautiful, I love the seagull and the turquoise background!!! Haven´t forgot the photo I wanted to take of the night-seagulls here, but 1. found out they are not there every night, and 2. since several days we don´t walk over there because of the “fallas”. It´s Spanish fiesta with a lot of firework and detonation and my poor little doggy is awfully afraid of all this… 😥🐶

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  2. Love your color choices Laura! And a nice touch to add some fabric to the bottom. There are such beautiful batik fabrics available. I always have to run my fingers over them at the fabric store. 😊
    As for the letter, “K” try looking in the dictionary for inspiration. I like using the old hard bound ones but the online ones can work as well.

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