M is for ???


M is the character’s name, nothing to do with the actor.  He looks a bit up himself in this drawing, and trust me, he doesn’t look that way at all in the photo.   I think I’ve flubbed his mouth and chin.  I’m at a place in this portrait journey where I just really want to get (much) better.  I want to, if anything, make people look a bit better than they do in real life, but not worse.  hehe. 

Anyway.  The show hasn’t been the same since this man moved on, and I have to admit to having had a teensy weensy crush (ok, more than teensy weensy) on him from the start.  This is a classic case of a good-looking guy who looks gorgeous once you get to know his personality.  On the show, that is, no clue what he’s like in real life, but … if you know something bad about him, don’t tell me.  I’d rather live in the dream.  🙂 

 This started as a quick sketch, turned into a drawing, then I found out the eyes weren’t straight and had to erase one and move it down. This usually doesn’t end well, but God must have been on my side this time, because it erased fine and didn’t leave smudges. I think this brown ochre Polychromos may be my go-to portrait pencil from now on. It’s proven itself these last several go-rounds! 

 I have another portrait planned for the letter N, but I was up much too early yesterday working, and I feel like I must be bound to crash at some point.  But who knows?  If the right photo calls to me (and several weeks ago, I did find the perfect photo), sleep will stay away, and sometimes I (oddly) have almost as much energy after a good drawing as I’d have got from a nap.  If it bombs though…..oh, one never knows!  Which is why I’d like to get much better at this….and we’ve come full circle! 

 Happy Sunday to you.  Do yourself a favor and do something for yourself today.  Take a day to rest, rejuvenate, and smile, because Mama Spring has finally arrived, complete with her entourage of birds, buds, and beauty.  Enjoy today, and I’ll see you with another portrait *fingers crossed* tomorrow.

25 thoughts on “M is for ???

  1. Matthew Crawley! Nicely done. I really miss him on Downton. Him and Mary were great together and I have to admit that I was a bit peeved at him for leaving the show like that, especially once things were finally working out for his character. Having a baby just seems to be a death sentence on that show.

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    1. You are right!

      I’ve not really liked any of Mary’s love interests, except the very first one, and he was out in two shakes. I don’t even like her storyline much anymore, without him. And their poor baby….he’s more of an afterthought now than anything else. 😦

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