N is for ???


The reference image was her album cover. The actual cover is at least half black (the entire left side), but I didn’t wanna run my poor pencil all the way down to the nib trying to make the drawing look more like the photo.  Artistic license!  I enjoy her music, but I’m not a huge fan.  But I have always loved that photo, though, and it kept calling my name yesterday.  And now, I can’t get one of her songs out of my head.  I love the mood of her work, the softandsmoothness of it.   She strikes me as an old soul, something I can appreciate.

I bought the modern-day replacement of the old (’87) Mead sketchbook I have done many of my portraits in, and tried it out for this one.  Yeah, I don’t like it.  It’s strictly sketch quality, and very light media at that; I wouldn’t try and do colored pencil work at all in this again, beyond very simple sketches of one layer only.   Also, the texture of the paper was just plain odd.  Usually the Polychromos shades effortlessly, but this paper made the pencil feel more like an extremely finely nibbed pen.  There were almost scratchmarks on the paper at times, and normally I can blend any hard edges with my finger, and often do while I’m drawing, but I couldn’t, not with this paper.  (I probably won’t forget this, but I’m noting it here just in case busy season amnesia kicks in next month.)

I’m hoping for a bright, sunny day today, so I can conjure up 70 degrees…in my head, at least!  I have a few ideas for the letter O.  We’ll see what percolates.  The watercolor brush was unkind to me today.  Tomorrow will be better.  Have a great week!

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