Oh look, it’s Owls!

0324 one

I’ve never tried colored pencil on regular printer paper before. It actually didn’t turn out too badly for a sketch, but toothy paper is better because it grabs more of the pigment and can hold more layers.

0324 two

I found two photos of little owls, and just did a couple of quick sketches.  I was too lazy to finish them.  So many feathers, so little time!  😀  I hope they make you smile today.

Happy Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll see you back here for a little watercolor experiment tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Oh look, it’s Owls!

  1. My guess is OWL! WoohooT! Did I get it? Don’t make me wait all day! 🙂 cute little buggers. How I would love to capture with my camera. They are all around our back yard, but stay pretty out of the way. Happy Day to you Laura! Yes – you made me smile. 🙂

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  2. A lovely beak on that second owl – I also love drawing them! I learned a technique recently to use my pencil on its side to add feathers quickly and then go back and add detail on top with short lines. Maybe you already know how to do this? Hope you have a great day too! 😊

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