Queen of Tombow-Doodle-Opolis


I saw a very cool technique for watercolor markers and water-based spray inks here and decided to try it.  I have the bright palette of Tombow markers, which I can’t recommend highly enough.  I used almost every color from that set in this painting.  It was fun, and just what I needed last night.

This is the perfect “I’m-exhausted-and-looking-for-fun” activity, and as Lindsay mentions in the video, it could be very therapeutic for you or perhaps one of your kids who might be going through a stressful time.

And a bit psychedelic, no? This’ll wake you up on a Thursday morning!

Are we warming up for the Friday mambo? Dust off thy tail feathers and get ready to boogie, people! We are art energy, and we are on the move!

32 thoughts on “Queen of Tombow-Doodle-Opolis

      1. Your blog is the first I look for every morning. It’s like part of my morning ritual :). I schedule my posts to hit each morning at 6am also. People have told me they look forward to and count on it, and that is how I feel about yours 🙂

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        1. Awww I feel the same way about your place! I can’t get as excited about gluten-y wonderment as I used to, but I love how creative you are in the kitchen, whether I can eat the food or not! Your photos and poetry are what I look forward to the most, but I love everything you do.

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