Rise, Fair Sun!

03272015 Tombow markers (bright palette), and a hint of Lumiere (metallic acrylic) in Halo Pink Gold in the second shot. It’s a little hard to tell it’s there. Just a subtle difference.  It’s been fun, but the hour is late….I need some zzz’s.  lol.

0327 lum

I’m really enjoying the easy watercolor look that comes from using these markers. I could get hooked on this! So relaxing, effortless, and fun. I zenned out for an hour or two last night, experimenting.

Cue the dance! Happy Friday, everyone. I may even get most of my Saturday off this time. Looking forward to it!

PLEASE do not steal my paintings.   Artists work very hard to earn a living.   If you would like to use this image, please ask for my permission.    Simply add a comment here and we can discuss.   Thank You.

23 thoughts on “Rise, Fair Sun!

    1. Haha! Actually, no, but the first one I did, I trashed because I’d got some less than great news and it was just way too overdone. I was thinking I was probably trying to get way too much sunlight in there lol.


  1. Hi Laura! Namaste from a poet based in Mumbai, India. I really loved the second shot. It’s beautiful. And I really wish to write poetry upon it for my daily poetry feed on Instagram at http://instagram.com/anujmahadik
    Hope you find it interesting. Be rest assured I’d credit you and your blog link in the description!

    Big thanks and please let me know what do you think! 🙂

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