U is for ???

Sometimes the best part about drawing a portrait is staring into the subject’s eyes. No exception in this case!  Some of you who were with me in January may recognize this blast from the past.   I re-drew him yesterday, and I’m more satisfied with the second attempt.  I hope you enjoy it, too.


Have a good-great-wonderful Monday (choose your flavor, it’s your choice!), and just think: Without Monday, we wouldn’t appreciate Friday the way we do! *dancing in advance*

See you tomorrow!

36 thoughts on “U is for ???

    1. You know, she’d be a terrific subject too. I kept seeing her in my portrait of Grace Kelly. Didn’t she play her in a film? I don’t follow film all that much, but they do look pretty similar. Her eyes are amazing as well.

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      1. Yes she has a very distinctive look. I would not call it beautiful, it’s less “classic” than Grace Kelly. I don’t watch movies that much either, so I don’t know that much about her films.

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        1. You got the First Guessed award today! Man, some of you are up pretty early in the morning lol. I sometimes check the phone, then go right back to sleep (which is pretty much the way it went today).


  1. Beautiful drawing! He does look familiar, but I can’t place him. Is he a country singer? You did a lovely job with his eyes. I can feel the sparkle of life staring back at me. I love watching your ability progress! –BB

    “Eyes are the window to our souls”

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