OK, I’m dating myself (yet) again, but do you remember that commercial from the 70’s? “If you want to capture someone’s attention….whisper.” I have no idea what the product was, but my brother and I used to make fun of that woman’s voice, vamping up the madness and kill ourselves laughing over it.  I still wanna say it the way we used to, all deep and throaty.  Oh, those childhood memories!  🙂 

I was trying to think of what to make for the letter W, and thought it might be fun to pull out some of my really subtle fabrics and amp them up a little with my favorites, the Inktense pencils. I even had some fun splattering (oh yeah, that’s about as wild as it gets around here, lol). Love the effect that gives, and it’s so much fun to do! Reminds me of splashing in mud puddles when I was little. 

I could have made this much bolder had I not diluted the ink from the pencils with more water.  Didn’t want the whisper to turn into a shout!    Watercolor will always dry much lighter than when initially painted, so I need to keep this in mind the next time, when I want a bolder statement from the paint. 

See what happened while we were occupied with arty blissfulness?  We’ve already made it to Hump Day!  (Can’t you just hear the Geico camel now?  Oh, that’s just me?  Ah, ok.)  Two more days to the best day of all days!  

Spring seems to have made it here, and even though it’s a bit cloudy, no one cares because it’s in the 60s.  Gotta love it!  The crocuses are in full bloom in every color.  Mostly purples and yellows, my favorite.   Don’t forget to dive into those art supplies today.  Just a few minutes of time invested in YOU will pay off in happy smiles for the rest of the day.  I promise!  See you on Friday eve!

25 thoughts on “Whisper

  1. so soft and pretty and feminine! and I totally remember that commercial for perfume, but had forgotten about it until you mentioned. LOL! Remember back in the day when we actually watched commercials – and they were kinda good?! 🙂 Happy Hump Day my friend! Keep on keepin on – and thanks for brightening my day!

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  2. Wonderful colors! This is totally spring!!! I like that you use fabrics quite often, that´s quite unique. I wonder how it would work and look to combine fabrics and water- or oilcolors… Got to try that some time.

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    1. Thanks! I want to make art quilts to eventually sell, that’s where this train’s driving, so…and I think mixed media art quilts are so much more fun and expressive than traditional pieced quilts. Also (hopefully) easier and more relaxing. I’m done with precision. I have enough of that in my job. You should try it!! I bet you’d get beautiful results.

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