Yellow Yonder

Here comes yet another end of the day unwind…..I hope it brightens your Friday dance routines today!


But let’s face it….um, the weekend’s almost here, do we need further brightening?!  

I enjoyed putting this painting together with the help of Tombow markers, Portfolio pastels, Inktense pencils, Lumiere metallic acrylics….and a dusting of dollar-store golden eyeshadow for a bit of extra glimmer.  

It was a glorious 70 degrees yesterday, and so wonderful to have a few minutes away from the desk to enjoy it. Spring has finally arrived here, and I hope it’s alive and blooming where you are, too.   See you Saturday!

*Dancing off into a yellow sunrise*

28 thoughts on “Yellow Yonder

  1. I see a field of daffodils. Dollar-store gold eye shadow, really? I want to know which wine you were drinking. Ha ha! Heck, I bet you could swirl olive oil into something beautiful! Have a wonderful day. πŸ’

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  2. so uplifiting for our dreary morning here! I love the glitter of the eye shadow! Such a creative use! You are always an inspiration and bright spot in the a.m.! happy friday dancing with you, Laura!

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    1. Thanks, my sweet! It’s dreary here too. I learned soo much from The Frugal Crafter, who’s here on WordPress. Last fall, her tutorials made me believe I could paint watercolor. If you’re still thinking about WC, you might wanna check out her voluminous youtube tutorials. She’s a scrapbooker and card maker, too!


      1. OMG!!!!!!! Do you read my mind????? Not to spoil a surprise – like anybody cares – LOL – but tomorrow’s post is already scheduled and is my first “from scratch drawn” watercolor (NOT very good) but inspired from an inspiration from the frugal crafter, who I just discovered this week! I think we ARE sistas! Soul sistas! πŸ™‚

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          1. Anticipation….. LOL! Don’t get tooo excited – I am actually a little embarrassed to share, but it will be a growth marker and humility builder :). I need to learn to “stop!” Do you know what I mean? I kept going over and over and over and making it worse :\

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