(Zen)Tangled Tulips!

When you’re tangled up, just tango on (according to Lt. Colonel Slade on one of my all-time favorite films, “Scent of a Woman”).


This is what I’ll be attempting to do this weekend as I untangle the remaining files on my desk!

We did manage to hit the nursery yesterday and brought home some beautiful violas and pansies, some of whom will be playing guest-starring roles as I paint their little faces in watercolor (or at least, try to lol).   I used three shades of green Inktense watercolor pencils to make this little painting.  I love watching warm and cool shades of the same color duke it out on the page.  I don’t seem to be happy when everything blends so perfectly.  There’s gotta be some renegade hues to zing things up a bit!

I wish you and your family a fabulous Easter weekend! If I see Peter Cottontail hopping by on the bunny trail, I’ll try and point him in your general direction. Make something lovely this weekend, and show it off! I wanna see! 🙂

14 thoughts on “(Zen)Tangled Tulips!

  1. Oh how fun is this Laura!!! Did you mask off the tulips when watercoloring the background? Are the tulips painted pink? Did you zentangle over after all dry? Simply mahvelous! And I haven’t thought about that movie for a long time – I loved it too – makes me want to watch it again! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I drew the tulips first, and tangled them, then I wet the paper everywhere but on the tulips so that when I added the paint, it would flow only to the wet areas. It was a bit easier, since I used the inktense pencils vs. really wet tube color.

      I love that movie! 😀

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