Brilliant Blues


I had so much fun playing with Inktense blocks and a piece of cotton batting to create this little swatch.    I started off by soaking the batting in water and squeezing out the excess.   Then, I basically added almost every blue color I had and most of the aqua/turquoise shades too, with a wet paintbrush, until I was happy with it.    My focus, at least to start, will be beach-themed art quilts, so I gotta get those blues and aquas rolling!

As an afterthought, I decided to add a little white acrylic gesso to tone it down here and there.   Was my first time using gesso!    I’ve had it for half a year, lol.   It was biding its time, I guess!    It muddied the color just a bit, but not a bad price to pay to cover up some heavy handed Inktensing!   It covers bright/deep shades, too, which you’d expect from a primer, I suppose. 

Ok, the whole time I was painting this, the song “Brilliant Blues” by Pete Townsend kept running through my head…..and since I’m on the letter B, perfect title!    Does anyone else remember it?    It’s from the ’80s.   Yeah, might as well just flash my AARP card, huh?   (Lol I called them recently and told them their mail is depressing, please stop sending!    They were amused.    They get that pretty often.  hehe)  

Happy Spring Monday!    Stop and smell the daffodils today, and see how many signs of spring you can spot.   Mother Nature’s getting her palette ready, too.   It’d be a shame to miss it.    *warming up for a spring dance*     

8 thoughts on “Brilliant Blues

    1. Haha thanks. I was too impatient to wait! 🙂 Yeah, the texture of the batting adds lots of interest, I think. I really enjoy working on batting. Who’d have thought? Just one more benefit to this little journey I’m on. Always something unexpected around the next bend. :))

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  1. It is snowing this morning where I live! What is Mother Nature thinking? The trees are in bloom, doesn’t she know how confused this makes everyone – including the plants? I say, “Calgone, take me away! To the Brilliant Blues of the ocean!” 😊 A lovely experiment Laura! 😊

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