A Holiday just for Drawing Birds

I’m hoping we can feather the WordPress nest tomorrow for Draw a Bird Day! Don’t miss this terrific post, too!

A-wing and A-way


Kids love to draw. Almost all children do it, but adults, not so much. Unfortunately, as we become grown-ups we often lose our connection to this creative impulse. Sometimes a child needs to show us again how making art can not only be fun but even therapeutic. Such is the story of Dorie Cooper, a little girl in 1940s England, whose memory later inspired Draw a Bird Day.

Bird Art as Therapy

The website devoted to this unofficial holiday, www.dabday.com, recounts that a 7-year-old Dorie frequently accompanied her mother to the hospital. There they visited the girl’s uncle, a war veteran maimed from a landmine explosion. Dorie attempted to cheer him up, suggesting he draw a picture of a bird for her. And so the uncle did, attempting to sketch a European robin. Apparently, the drawing wasn’t very good, but that was okay—his mood seemed to improve a…

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11 thoughts on “A Holiday just for Drawing Birds

  1. Thanks for sharing this Laura! I had no idea that there was a day designated for drawing a bird! A wonderful story about how therapeutic drawing can be to anyone – young and old. And here I thought my goal to draw a bird a day was something original. And yet for me, it is more about creating each day like you. Birds just happen to be my main focus. I have to say that I am learning so much more than birds! 😊

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    1. LOL, I had a feeling you’d like this post, Jill! It made me think of you. I figured you’d be drawing a bird either way! 😀 Isn’t the story behind this great? I just wish the whole world knew how wonderful art really is. I think too many times, it’s not given the priority, the funding, etc., and in many cases, it may be more beneficial than many other things we give priority to. It took me over 45 years to figure this out, so why should I be surprised, but I still am. I’ll be looking forward to the bird you create for this!


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