Colorful Creation

I’ve been trying new (for me) techniques from a book for which I’ll be posting a review soon.


This one was a tape resist, laying down torn painter’s tape first, and then painting randomly all over. After removing the tape, I decided it wasn’t exciting enough, so I splattered more color to zip it up a bit. 

 If I were making this for a specific project, I’d have probably stayed with the blues and greens, but since it was one big experiment anyhow, I decided to add chartreuse and magenta. I’m determined to have fun with color; I was a pastel or navy-blue-or-black girl for too long, and now I’m in love with the brights!  

This was my first try with Dye-Na-Flow, which is apparently a permanent acrylic paint with very intense, almost ink-like pigment.  It has a very thin consistency, but as you can see, the colors are pretty intense.  The blues and greens I started with came from Inktense pencils.  I think the two mediums work well together. 

 Plus, this almost looks like it was meant to be an Easter egg, doesn’t it? I’ll take it. 🙂 I’m sure it’ll wind up in some project, somehow. It makes me smile, anyway, and I hope it finds a smile where you are, too!

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