Draw a Bird Every Month?

I saw this post on A Wing and A Way and learned that April 8 is a very special holiday called Draw a Bird Day.   A bunch of us took part today, creating artwork in various media in which birds played starring roles.   It was fun! 



The best part is some of us picked up a pencil or a brush for the first time in awhile (or ever!), and found the joy in creating art.   It’s a magical thing, truly.  

What do you all think about doing this every month, on the eighth of the month?    Birds are such powerful symbols of freedom and peace, and even patriotism.     What better way for us all to take flight, to shake off those defeating beliefs and doubts that say we must have some kind of mythical gift to be able to put pencil to paper?    Let’s fly, people!

I’m in!    Anyone else?    Next Draw a Bird Day…..Friday, May 8th?

50 thoughts on “Draw a Bird Every Month?

  1. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to draw a bird by then, but yours is absolutely GORGEOUS! Was just getting ready to turn in (after prepping my “art” post for tomorrow and being so inspired by you that I did ANOTHER watercolor this evening!). Laura – you are a feature on my post tomorrow. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, friendship, artistic talent, and encouragement. Ciao and goodnight!

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    1. Thank you back!! Oh Lord, stagefright lol! I’m so thrilled to have inspired you. You’re such an encouraging light, my friend. Have a wonderful rest of the night and you GO with those watercolors, woman!!!! :))) Hehe!!


    1. Are you kidding? I’ll put on my cheerleading hat (hmm, probably no such thing, lol, oh well) and start shouting to the rafters oh….about May 1….if I remember, that is! 😀 And I’ll try and remind everyone and get everybody frothed up and excited about it. Then I shall cheer on and fling joy and freedom and maybe even feathers at all the participants! It’ll be fun! I love birds. This art thing has me feeling like I’m walking on air half the time. It’s so cool.

      What did you think about nexi’s idea, to do “Draw A Blank” day instead? This way, people can just draw whatever they like, even if they’re not really into birds. What I’m hoping to do with this is just get people drawing, painting, snapping photos, writing poetry, stories, whatever is “art” to them. I guess for the artists, a more specific subject might make sense, otherwise, they’re probably gonna paint or draw something anyway, but for non-artists (or for people who don’t think they are already artists, which they probably are), maybe just to draw or paint or write or photograph anything is good. What do you think?

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        1. Yeah. Something to think about. Maybe when I’m more awake. Sooo many bird lovers out there tho. But they could still draw birds (and I’ll be one of those people). Maybe even draw from nature? That would open it up to flowers, trees….ocean, landscape, skyscape. Oh, my mind is spinning lol.

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