Giddy goofiness

Yes, it seems I’ve officially lost my mind when I’m posting my weird doodles on the internet for the world to see! OK, if it makes someone laugh, it’s worth it. Here goes:

0411 1

It’s in a heart because I drew the heart in Micron pen and couldn’t erase it, but I didn’t like it (it was meant for a different post).  But I saved the paper, as it’s watercolor paper, and too expensive to toss!

0411 2

You may recognize the owl from my other doodle post.   I kind of like him.  I’ve tried to make him look a bit more scholarly here, but he really is just so happy to be an owl.  I guess if I were an owl, I’d have a bounce in my step, too!  Well, or in my…flight pattern?  lol

0411 3

Yeah, a bizarre chicken-rooster-ish thing with hearts on his tail feathers.  Don’t ask.  It’s April.  *shrug*  Spring fever?

0411 4

My sister keeps reminding me I used to do “cartoons” when I was younger.  This is the closest I ever came to doing “cartoons”.  These weird little martian creature things.  But hey, they’re easy to draw!  And I was all about the easy last night.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these goofy doodles.  I’m hoping this will be the last Saturday that I work in quite some time!  *clink* Let’s drink to that!  Ta Ta!  🙂

19 thoughts on “Giddy goofiness

      1. Oh Laura – I’ve thought of you today. We just got home from a “field trip” day, and I just sat down with a glass of wine and am catching up on my computer. Did our taxes this morning (UGH! – I get mad every year about paying!) and then took the day off to just take a ride wherever it lead and goof off. I’m sure you will be relieved on Thursday! Enjoy your evening.

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        1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I TiVo’d the O’s game that started at 7pm and just getting ready to run down and watch with Hub. Oh, I can’t wait for Thursday! Have a great night. I’m glad you got them done and you can forget all about it til next year! 😀

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  1. I like your doodles–they are lively. I’m also with you on posting: who would have ever thought we’d be posting half-formed unfinished stuff (at least in my case) for all the world to see.

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