Hi, just a quick one


I actually made this last weekend….I’ve been stapled to the desk all day and half the night, and really dying to get away from this computer….so here’s another piece of batting that I painted/gessoed/inktensed in purple shades. Love purple! 

 Hope you enjoy and have a great Sunday!

16 thoughts on “Hi, just a quick one

    1. Thanks. Yeah, art quilts are what started me in this journey. I have tons of fabric from years of quilting. Hate straight lines and perfect seams, so art quilts seemed like the natural next step! I’d eventually like to open a second business. We’ll see. I am so totally drained and worn out at the moment. And probably need to work again today. Argh! But yeah, I’m experimenting now, but definitely plan to make something cool-ish soon! I hope you have a great Sunday, Jodi!

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        1. Thank you. Yeah, I need to keep reminding myself of that. I’ve had some paleo chocolate tarts lately, which taste amazing, but aren’t helping my energy level! 😱🙀😳 lol oh well. As you say, almost there. Take care, lady. Have fun today.

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  1. Like the soft colors and textures you achieved here Laura! This would look awesome as a small wall hanging – you could even sew one of your portraits to it! Hope you get a little art play time today! 😊

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  2. Do you have birds? I´d love to have some, but I´m still afraid a little because I know so little about birds. I bet my dog would love to watch them, that would be like TV for her. 😄 Sorry for your state and the lots of work – hope it´s over soon and you´ll be able to relax a little! Can´t wait for your art quilts! *sending strength and joy* 💕

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    1. Ann, you’re so sweet. Thanks for your awesome encouragement, as always. I should have capitalized birds. I meant the Orioles, it’s a baseball team. We lost to the Blue Jays, but we played well, so it’s all good. I can’t wait for the art quilts either! 💫🌟✨flings back joy and happiness*

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  3. Hello!

    I just wanted to ask if you found my comments on the piece you did with the Cadmium Yellow pigment? Also, you probably don’t need gesso for watercolors…which will probably help the fluffiness of the piece. 🙂

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    1. Boy, work’s been such a blur lately that I don’t recall which piece you mean, sorry. I added the gesso specifically to tone down the color. Just playing around, experimenting. Thanks for your comment!


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