More fun with Inktense blocks! I did this one Sunday as well. I really could play with Inktense blocks forever, and never get tired of it. It’s so much fun playing with color.

This actually gives me a beachy feeling, which is going to be a major theme when I start cranking up the art quilts.    

I love these colors together.  (I really should make better notes, so I can revisit certain combinations, but I was a bit pooped and too “in the zone” to get buttock outta chair and go get the artist journal, where I keep track of this stuff.) 

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday.  Absolutely perfect.  We’re getting some showers today, but it’s all good.   The daffodils are popping out everywhere, and Mama Nature needs to keep them humming for as long as she can!  

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.  Stop and smell the flowers today.  Really.  There is nothing like five or ten seconds of a nose full of flowers!  πŸ˜€  Enjoy the richness of spring!  Thanks for visiting.

30 thoughts on “Jeweltones

  1. Going with the flow – nice. Inktense block are good for Chinese brush. I feel that beachy thing too with these colors. Notes – good idea. : ) Art quilts are amazing and you can use all the knowledge and inspiration you’re getting here for them. I can’t wait to see the quilts. too.

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    1. Ugh WP reply is giving me trouble, I had to end that comment and start again. Thanks for your comment. I love to play with color. I’m fighting always that urge to turn out “perfect” stuff (like that’s ever gonna happen lol), and just have fun like a little kid with paint or crayons.

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  2. I can totally imagine your inner seagull flying over your inktense ocean :-). Glad the daffodils have bloomed in your neck of the woods. The trumpets of spring!!! I paid more attention to them this year than in previous years and noticed so many varieties… maybe 20 or 30. Somehow, before, I’d only noticed three.

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  3. Love greens and blues! They are calming colors for me. I like to make notes on the back of my art experiments with the date, materials or techniques I used and any observations I want to remember for future. Hope you are having a good day! 😊

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    1. Another great idea, thanks Jill! (I find myself often using the back of anything I did on watercolor paper that I don’t really like, lol, even tho I use the El Cheapo Strathmore watercolor cards from Blick, but I kind of liked this one, so I probably won’t do anything on the back!)

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