Late Lace Lagoon Lily Love


 Woo!   It’s been a long day, and I couldn’t settle on just one L.



So I decided to roll out a whole pack of them, instead!



Hope you enjoy. 


All of the photos were taken late; I apologize for the shadows.   I’m experimenting with *surprise* Inktense pencils and Dye-na-Flow acrylics on lace and fabric.    I’m really pleased with what I’m seeing so far.   This birdie can’t wait to fly with these quilts!   Really looking forward to it.

The last two photos are on Strathmore watercolor cards (from Dick Blick, .33/card, including envelopes, which is what I usually use).    I was pleased with the color combination on the last one:   1200/sea blue, 1220/green aquamarine, with a touch of 1230/mallard green and 1300/teal. 

Who else is glad it’s Thursday?    Time to warm up thy tailfeathers, which shouldn’t be too hard with the 66 degrees they’re calling for.   I’ve been enjoying the spring this year, which is different from many years, in which we leap from winter direct to summer.    The 60s and 70s are great  :))) 

Thanks for visiting.   I hope to see you back here with what I’ve conjured up for M tomorrow.    Ooh, Mysterioussssssss….

23 thoughts on “Late Lace Lagoon Lily Love

  1. Just love your titles everyday! Loved the lace. I’m thinking you should start and on-line gift shop selling tablecloths. Your beautiful pansies, daffodils and bluebirds would make a fantastic setting for an afternoon tea! And tax season is OVER. RELAX! 🙂

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  2. LOVE your LACE experiments! LOOK forward to seeing more of these! LATE night, huh? LIKE the title to your post! LUCKY for you the week is almost over. Yay for LAURA! 😊😊😊

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  3. Love the lace pictures, great idea!!! Have to try out working with lace some day! And what a lovely lily of the valley – in German their name is little may bell. 😊 Love their smell! Wonderful work, Laura!!!

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