Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

tulip photo 0418

This past weekend was a perfect weather weekend, and I stole some hours on Sunday to sketch some tulips in Hub’s front garden.  (I say Hub’s garden because if the flowers had to depend on me, they’d all be dried flowers!) 


This was done in a Strathmore watercolor sketchbook with Derwent standard watercolor pencils, and for the first time, I was almost pleased with a flower I’ve tried to render.  I decided it needed a bit of definition, though, and went back in with a .005 Micron pen:


I wish tulips bloomed for several months, because I’d stay with them; they’re much easier than their petaled counterparts!  πŸ™‚ 

I know you all are dancing, because I can already hear the music!  Lady Spring seems to be leading the parade; I’m seeing tiny white petals floating in the breeze.  Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

25 thoughts on “Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

  1. Beautiful tulips! No luck growing them here. Animals always seem to eat the bulbs. Hub does a nice job on your garden. The grass looks so green! I like your tulips both ways. They kinda look floaty and dreamy before outlined. But then the outlining does define and refine. Happy tail feather shakin Friday!

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  2. They look dreamy without the pen, but I like the definition the delicate line adds as well. The bulbs in the medians on Broadway have finally bloomed, and the trees are in flower as well (as my sneezes and watery eyes confirm).

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    1. Thanks! Quercetin works for my allergies, and may help you too. It’s a vitamin, no side effects. 500mg 3x a day w meals and a full glass of water was suggested to me by a natural pharmacist, and it got me off Flonase. And works much better! Health food stores and online retailers have it, if you’re interested. Luckyvitamin.com has a good price.

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  3. Just lovely! These would make beautiful note cards. πŸ™‚ Interesting paper-Love the texture. At first I thought you had decorated paper towels. Ha! Have a wonderful day!

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  4. Love the photo of the tulips – such a pretty mauve pink! And I LOVE your drawings – especially like how you defined them with a black pen. I’d frame this one! A soft pink mat would look lovely and make it sing Spring! Happy Friday Laura! 😊

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